Contact IC cardContact IC card means the card exchange data and get energy with reader system by direct contact. Standard is ISO-7816. It devided in 3 types as
1 memory card,
2 secured memory card,
3 CPU card
Chip model has 8 contact points as left picture


Contactless IC cardNon-contact IC card, also say contactless IC card, RF IC card. Card is made of inlay (or say chip and antenna) and PVC or ABS outer covered material. Card get energy and contact with reader writer system by radio frequency. They are devided into secured memory card and cpu card. And it is also devided by the frequency system use. 125k Hz and 13.56MHz, when using more higher frequency it is tag. Card and tag do not have complete difference


The most popularly used card chip supplier and website lead -- famous chip series
1 Philips/NXP http:// > products > identification Mifare Icode
2 Infineon/Siemens SLE4442 4428 6636
3 ╬╝EM EM4100
4 ATMEL AT24C01,02,04,08,16,64 Memory card chip
5 STMicroelectronics
6 Samsung
7 Renesas
8 DaTang Microelectronics
9 Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics
12 Shanghai Huahong Group
13 Beijing Tsinghua Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd
14 China Huada Integrated Circuit Design Centre (CIDC)